Townhouse for sale in Sliema |  UCA 

Asking price: 2,390,000

3 Bedrooms | 3 Bathrooms | 430 Sqm

SLIEMA – Located in the heart of Sliema one finds this 100-year-old Townhouse with a footprint of 430 sqm which includes a 250sqm garden with a large pool and a one-car garage.  

The house was designed in the Art Nouveau style and has been renovated just a few years ago, with many features deriving from the period with a modern twist give this home a fantastic feeling.

WhatsApp Pio +35699453383 for further information.

Stamp Duty Benefits on Properties situated within an Urban Conservation Area (Legal Notice 461 of 2021)

This scheme applies to property situated within an urban conservation area, as confirmed by a certificate from the Planning Authority and by any further evidence that the Commissioner may request. The benefit is an exemption from income tax and from stamp duty on the first €750,000. When the transfer value is higher than €750,000, the excess is taxed at the normal rates.

This tax benefit applies to transfers that are made on or after 12 October 2021 but not later than 31 December 2024. This does not apply to transfers of property to persons who require an AIP permit.

Ref: 804450